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Pillow Talk

December 5, 2014

Little by little our home is transitioning from student apt. style to adult living. Whatever that means. Through a series of little projects here and there, we are enjoying making this little bungalow ours.

One of these projects was an idea that’s been brewing since I saw this pillow online a few years back. A long large pillow that is easy enough to sew, throw on the bed and call it a day.

141110 247A girls weekend of sewing was all I needed to make it materialize. It took a total of 1 hour to whip this up. The ginkgo fabric is a remnant from Ottawas Fabrications. The backing is leftover organic flannel from said baby quilt, and the pillow insert is from Crate and Barrel. 141110 243

141110 249I added some sashiko stitching around a couple of the leaves with variegated brown sashiko thread.

141110 242141110 244Now, I just need an actual bed frame.


Warm Home Knits

December 1, 2014

Anyone else love an evening of low-key Holiday knitting under a hand knit blanket lately? While the recipients of this blanket are not knitters, they have the perfect old country home to spend an evening under a knit blanket in the winter.141110 010141110 011141110 013141110 015The Mountain Colours kit was such a fun knit. Row after row of anticipation of the next texture- and its great evening knitting that requires no brainpower. Knitting dets found here and here.141110 003It was made for some friends who I met just after they married. I often wish I had been at their wedding as I know it was a magical one. Since missing this moment, I thought their 5th anniversary was the next best time to gift them a wedding gift. It seemed so appropriate to take the photos on the hand crafted ash wood chairs they created as our wedding gift.

141110 009Stay warm and crafting. The Christmas buzz is in the air.

*ignore the tropic palms in this warm and cozy knitting post.

One Year to Celebrate

November 13, 2014

141110 223 141110 225

Fall marks a lot of special birthdays. This fall was no exception. The sweetest little boy turned a whopping one. So a quilt was made to celebrate.

141110 227

The three bears just seemed to fit this little guys classic style.

141110 235141110 233

Backed with organic flannel for this little softy.


Chair Re-do

November 10, 2014

How many of those mini makeover projects do you have around your house that you know you’ll get to one day- when the timing, energy, interest, patience, and lighting are all just right? My sewing chair is one that all worked out one mid summer Saturday for a mere $20.

.IMG_0163IMG_0162The chair was my moms when she was a kid that she used for years until she passed it on to me. She had painted and recovered the piece numerous times, and it was time for another round.

IMG_0164The owner at Home Hardware highly recommended this paint, which really is a great one. However, I naively bought based on the cap colour, and not the label ‘metallic’. Needless to say, I got a surprise metallic chair that I surprisingly liked.

IMG_0166 IMG_0167 IMG_0168The canvas was a fat a quarter I bought on a NYC trip for $4, and the paint was all of $12. Not bad I’d say.

New Season, New Post…

April 16, 2014

new home, new job, new neighbourood, new routine, new goals, new garden, new inspirations, new places, new babies (not mine), new projects… I suppose a lot can happen in eight months. Apologies if I left you out in the cold for a bit (npi;)). 


I hope to be more in touch and hear more from you this season. 

Never enough tea towels

September 14, 2013

One thing I realized during the engagement period, was that tea towels make great gifts. In my opinion at least. Like most brides, I received a fair amount, and had to rearrange a few drawers in the kitchen to give them all a home. I love the feeling of drying a sink of dishes with a fresh one. Call me a nerd, but it is the simple things in life, right?


I made these guys up for some friends as a housewarming gift. Hopefully they feel the same feelings about tea towels as I do. Greenwood Quiltery had the tea towels already sewn up, so all I had to do was cross stitch. I chose a few fruits from this book and got counting and stitching. Don’t ask why I thought red was a good colour for a pear. I realized too far in that an apple would have been a more suitable choice. That’s what you get when you have an ‘inspiring moment’ that you don’t think through enough. Oh well.



Also on the top of my favourite gifts list, is nice handsoap. Such a worthwhile luxury, especially in a new home.
Congrats on your new home Jill and Matt! I love it already, and can’t wait to see how you make it yours.

One of the best times of year

September 10, 2013

A few photos from one of the greatest times of year. Late summer/ early fall…